How Do I Stop Buffering?

How to improve TV streaming quality on NUMedia

Don’t suffer through annoying pauses or blurry, low resolution. Here's how to get better streaming from your smart TV using your Amazon FireStick on NUmedia

Few things are more annoying than a hard break while the NUmedia app buffers and loads during your latest binge.

If you've suffered through slow loading, playback pauses and low resolution while streaming Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu or MuMedia, it's not necessarily the service's fault. It could be your internet connection.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to improve the connection on your TV, streaming device or game console. For the most part, the faster the Internet, the better your streaming quality.

If you are experiencing any buffering with NuMedia please follow these steps;

Contact NuMedia Tech Support  by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right corner of . and let support know the steps you have already taken.  They may ask you to uninstall the NuMedia App and download an updated version, clear the cache on your Fire Stick.

Below are some additional steps you can take...

Google lets you test your speed simply by typing in your search

If you find your speed to be low, here's some options to consider:

1. Upgrade your internet speed

This is certainly the most obvious, but when was the last time you asked your providers about how fast their offerings are now? If it's been a few years, they likely have new services (maybe even fiber optic -the fastest) that could greatly increase your download speeds.

You need at least 15Mbps for 4K streaming, but really, you want a lot more than that. It's also possible there are new providers or services from other companies. When I moved into my house, the phone company had the best option, a pretty fast DSL line that was way better than the local cable provider. Now, said cable company has 6 times the speed at 60 percent of the price. I was able to save money and increase my internet speed quite dramatically.

This is the first place to start.

I was paying $60.00/month with a national provider  for their  "Internet 75" 75 mbps (million bita per second). However even when running their  speed test I never saw more than 30mbps, and usually it was 20 to 25mbps (even though I was paying for 75!) . So step 1 is to check and see if you are qctually getting the speed you are paying for. I switched to another providers internet only package with 150mbps service for $59/mo and now get 130mbps even on my phone! This eliminated 99.9% of all buffering.  Below is a screen shot of the speed test on my phone connected to the new Wifi service. This is representative of what the Fire stick in my Samsung Smart TV sees when streaming through the NUmedia app.

2. Upgrade your router/hub

The Wi-Fi router that you get for free from your Internet provider is likely terrible.  Think about it.  They give out hundreds of these every month and are not going to give you that better device if it's going to cost them more money.  They'll give you the minimal viable product.

I thought I was having problems with NUmedia when that wasn't the case.  The first problem I solved was that I upgraded my router.  I instantly noticed a significant improvement.

Keep in mind that some providers even charge monthly for these lower quality routers, so you could save some money long-term by buying a good one outright and reducing your bill a bit each month.

Internet providers usually charge you a monthly rental fee for modems. I saved $55/month in rental cost by purchasing my own modem from Amazon for a one time cost of $159.


You'll also likely get better range and better signal throughout your home with an upgraded  router. So if you've always had a bad connection in the back of the house (or wherever), a better router might help that.

A new or different router might also give you the option to connect via the 5GHz range ("normal" Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz). 5GHz is generally faster and has less chance of interference from other devices. However, it doesn't go through walls as well.

3. Switch to Ethernet

Though convenient, Wi-Fi can be quite slow. Ethernet (wired internet) is a lot faster and doesn't have issues with walls, interference or distance (well, not in a house anyway). Though running wires can be annoying, it provides the most reliable connection.  The second problem I ran into in my own home was that I had what my friend who was an owner of a local Internet Service Provider called the "wall of death"  What he meant by that was that I had one wall in my home that was especially difficult for the wifi signal to get through.  Usually that occurs when there's too much metal or glass.  Those things will stop the signal dead in it's tracks.

The good news is that you can get an Ethernet adapter for your Fire Stick.  It eliminates the whole issue of interrupted signals.


If you want to use a wire, check your device. Most inexpensive streamers like the FireTV products and Google Chromecast lack the Ethernet port required for a wired connection.  With this adapter you can solve that problem.  Most Smart TV's these days come with an Ethernet connection as well.

Chat Transcript



#6125 Dan Singleton -

Website :

Attended By : Bay Kennish

19 Jun 2019, 12:47 PM


Chat Transcript  




Bay Kennish Hi Dan Singleton
Thank You for contacting NUmedia LIVE Chat Support.
2:47:15 PM
How can I help you? 2:47:23 PM
Dan Singleton Hi Bay, I have something for you and this time! 😊 2:47:41 PM
Just passing along a little tip that just made a big difference!
My wife was watching her favorite Daily Soap Opera "General Hospital"
On ABC channel 5. It was bufferring like mad about every 60 seconds
for about 30 seconds, over and over again.

The Fire stick on this tv is "hard wired" using an ethernet adapter

my network speed is 150mbps
so I know speed isn’t the problem. FYI

Here is the FIX! I went to Home on the Fire Stick, then Settings, Manage Applications, Numedia, Clear Cache. The used cache was at 83mb. After
clearing it dropped to 12kb, and the buffering stopped completely!

2:47:43 PM
Just passing this along, Hopefully in future  versions clearing cache can  happen automatically, perhaps when the NUmedia Application starts 🙂 2:49:09 PM
Here is a picture 2:50:16 PM
Dan Singleton is sharing a file with you. settings.jpg - (Size:145.82 KB)

3:06:24 PM
I was an IBM engineer for 17 years then did sw development  and teaching for 20 years (Nuclear Power Plant SW) so I am always looking to share technical goodies! 3:10:25 PM
Bay Kennish We also ask customers to clear their web browser cache to avoid such inconvenience when they are using the Web Player  . 3:11:55 PM
Dan Singleton Right, that also helps when using the Web Player. 😊 3:12:35 PM
Bay Kennish Thank you for sharing 3:13:21 PM
Dan Singleton Just keep it in mind and please share with your co-workers that Clearing the Fire stick Cache for the NUmedia App can really make a difference! 3:13:28 PM
I just want to make your job easier! 🙂 3:13:50 PM
Bay Kennish Thank you so much. I admire your loyalty. I will surely do that. 3:14:41 PM
Dan Singleton Cool Beans. TEAM = Together Each Achieves More 🙂 3:15:20 PM
Ok catch u later! 3:15:43 PM
Bay Kennish Without any doubt! 3:15:58 PM
Is there anything else I can help you with? 3:16:04 PM
Dan Singleton No Mam 3:16:11 PM
C Ya 3:16:16 PM
Bay Kennish Thank you for contacting NuMedia Live Chat Support.
Have a great day ahead.
3:16:48 PM


4. Move stuff

I don't mean your TV but moving your Wi-Fi router could help a lot. If it's on or near the ground, in a closet, or at the far end of your house, you could be limiting the signal and speed without even realizing it. Wi-Fi can go through walls but being high up and with fewer walls between the router and streamer will help. If the router has antennas, positioning them correctly can also help.

The same is true on the other end. If you've got the streamer in a cabinet, that's not helping either. In a perfect world, the streamer would have a direct line of sight with the router. This isn't necessary, of course, but everything you place between the two of them decreases the signal and potentially lowers the speed.

An alternate version of this would be to get a Wi-Fi booster, or run Ethernet to a second Wi-Fi router. If your house is long or large, there are lots of options beyond the scope of this guide.

5. Kick the kids (off the Wi-Fi)

Think of your internet connection as a pipe full of water. There's only so much water to go around. If you're trying to stream in the living room, but the rest of the family is also trying to stream in other rooms, there might not be enough "water" to go around. Everyone will have issues.

Who gets priority in that case, I'll leave up to you. No way I'm touching that one.

Test your results.  With each change you make, test again and see how it affected the signal.

Many streaming problems can be solved with these steps I've described. The key is getting the device the fastest internet possible, by any means necessary.

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