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Why Choose NuMedia

Our NuMedia community is growing by thousands every single month and it’s hard to deny that people love our service.

But there’s so much more to our success equation. Anyone can offer our service and get it for FREE!

No Contract

There is no long term contract or commitment with NuMedia.  You can start today and stop at anytime.

Huge US & Intl Selections

You actually get hundreds of US channels including premium movie channels.  You get thousands of International channel options.

Global Media

NuMedia works in most countries around the world. All you need is good internet connection to use and share our service.

Lowest Cost Media

You get thousands of channels and all the popular channels including Sports, News and Movie Channels for only $49.95 a month.

Watch the short videos below to see why guys, gals, and families are so HAPPY with their NuMedia! Then get your Free 24 hr Trial Today at www.freecabletvtrial.com

Happy Guys!

Happy Families!

Happy Ladies!


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