Rising Stars Team Training

NUmedia Back Office Training

This Walk Through of the NUmedia Back office is intended for use by NUmedia Promoters to enhance the ability to more effectively nurture and grow Promoter and Subscriber Teams.

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to Dan Singleton at (954) 504-3085 dan@website-4u.net

Many thanks to everyone who attended this session, and to the well wishes of those who wanted to but were not able to attend the live training.

A SPECIAL THANKS to Teresa for suggesting this back office training. We plan to do many more sessions as our team establishes national and International record setting goals of subscribers, promoters consumer savings and income!

Please note there were a few times when due to system resource constraints, or connectivity issues the sound either speed up or was occasionally garbled. I went back and edited the sound in portions to repair those issues. In retrospect I saw that there were a couple of programs running in the background that were the likely cause. They will be eliminated in the next training. Thanks and enjoy!