Hi Dian,

One of my teammates (James Bruce) is really big on tools for achieving good health. I know that is a big focus for you too. 😊

Here is something they sent me to take a look at.

Fulvic acid review

I have enclosed links to a renowned live blood microscopist’s presentation on Nuwtr and the blog now used by my business partner Rob Witty for his team to visit for important conference call presentations.

Blog Link

Ted Aloisio, the author of three books on dark field microcospy, had some interesting things to say and I have included a few quotes you can hear.

“Minerals are the alkalizing forces in our body. We have a product that will alkalize the body better than anything I have ever seen. We have the ability here to empty the hospitals in 20 years.”

Dr. Brett Hawes, a Functional Medicine MD, whose presentation is on the below blog, made some very insightful comments, some of which I have included. “Minerals are hardest to absorb. We make no minerals in our body. Our soil no longer decomposes properly. Australia, perhaps the least impacted country has lost 75% of its minerals. Without minerals, we can’t control inflammation, we can’t balance hormones and we can’t run our body. The challenge is in absorbing macro minerals because of the lack of trace minerals.

Fulvic-Humic acid increases cellular nutritional absorption by 60 times. Minerals drag 60 times their weight in nutrition into the cell and 60 times their weight in toxins out of the cell. Part of their ability to do this is because of the electrolytes. The serum level of our blood can be normal while we are intracellularly deficient in minerals. When deficient in minerals the cells establish barriers. Homeopathic solutions break down these barriers. Fulvic-Humic acid does this as well.

The electrical potential or voltage in cancer cells is very low. Fulvic-Humic acid restores this electrical potential and is a game changer for cellular health. It gets rid of waste at a cellular level. Fulvic-Humic acid improves absorption or bioavailability of other nutrients ingested and impacts significantly the health of our micro biome. F/H acid pulls H2O or water into the cells activating cellular hydration. Once in the cell, the water molecule splits into H and O2 and activates cellular oxidation while impacting the pH or alkalinity.

Every single product showing promise of binding glyphosates contains F/H acid. It shields and protects the good bacteria. Glyphosates have a serious impact on the micro biome causing leaky gut and auto immune challenges. Leaky gut-leaky brain. F/H acid is an equalizer for the toxic soup in which we live. F/H acid and trace minerals forms a solid background for anything else we do. Our body is biologically designed to function on these minerals and unfortunately minerals are deficient in the soil and food.

Mother Earths Original Super Foods Store

There are 1500 species of plants that have decomposed over thousands of years. You have to wonder if they are even around anymore. There must be some phyto nutrients, phyto compounds, phyto hormones and plant hormones boiled down into trace minerals and trace elements. From an energetic perspective, this is what homeopathy is. You dilute something until there is nothing left in the liquid but the energetic imprint which acts almost like a carrier wave in your body. Your body is going to pick up on whatever it needs of this smorgasbord all in one bottle whether anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating, hormone balancing, heavy metal chelating, adaptogenic etc.”

I trust this serves you in deepening your understanding that mud matters and your commitment to share this gift from Mother Earth with all of your friends and loved ones who are existing while minerally deficient and ignorant of their true bodily potential. Mud does matter!

In service and gratitude,