Memo on Numedia Service

Hello Vickie & Bobby,

Pastor Dennis Jones, a Primerica District Manager asked me to share this info about
with you and Bobby. Please print this  document for Bobby , and share the links in this email.

By the way I am a former Primerica RVP under the Ina Pollins, Andy Young, Larry Widel region. And have very fond
memories of my 5 yr career with Primerica that I will cherish for life!

After you have visited our site and checked out the info below I would
love to arrange a conference call between Bobby Peterman and our founder Jim Farris to further discuss how this
business could further the goals of Primerica and enrich the lives of your reps and customers!

NuMedia is a premier streaming TV company whose mission simply put is to save Americans and Internationals
collectively millions on their current cable TV bills. The following chart illustrates how we stack up against
the competition. Our very generous customer reward program even makes it possible for our subscribers to
refer other subscribers and get their service paid for with as few as 5 referrals!

Insurance professionals especially, can appreciate what happens when after a needs analysis, there is more need than
funds to handle the need. Consider what freeing up $50 or even $100 a month on a cable tv bill could do
towards servicing that need!

Here are a couple of things to watch that will clue you into just how amazing this program is!

1. This Video by former president Obama explains why this is so important, right now!
2. Link to our current Channel categories:
3. You can get a 15 day free trial to check out our service:
I will be more than glad to answer any questions you have. Thanks for your time and attention.
Cc: Pastor Dennis Jones
“NuMedia Doesn’t Cost…It Pays!”
Daniel Singleton
Star 3 Director
Phone: 954-504-3085