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Unhappy with your cable bill? Well, you’re not alone. Whether in The USA or around the world, the cable TV bill, generated by the cable box method, is the most expensive and most disliked TV delivery method.
In many instances, cable customers, are at the mercy of unscrupulous cable giants, who block competition, resulting in customers paying more than $100, $200, $300 and sometimes even more, every month! Every upgrade to your package means a significant increase in your bill! And… even without upgrades, the longer a customer keeps the service, the more they will pay! Cable customers are routinely taken advantage of by escalating cable costs that delivers very little bang for your hard-earned bucks! Speaking with much regret, a friend recently told me “over the past 20 years my wife and I paid Comcast over $23,000, which could have gone towards a college fund for our grand kids!”
During his presidency, Mr. Obama, in a weekly address to the nation, warned consumers about the need to seek out more affordable cable services and shared what his administration was doing to give consumers better options: To watch this informative video go to:
NuMedia is a global media giant, resulting from Obama inspired legislation. It offers
more than 2000 channels only $49.95 a month! Live High Definition TV, over a hundred of Sports channels, Premium Movie Channels like HBO, Show Time, Cinemax, and Starz, Children’s Channels, (with parental controls), Spanish, UK, Canadian, and many other International Channels, PLUS 8 Channels of PAY PER VIEW, ALL INCLUDED for ONLY 49.95/month! It even comes with A FREE Trial! Click Here:  and Get a 15 day Free Trial Now!

NuMedia founder Jim Farris, is determined to keep this price point for the long term! There are no activation fees, no cancellation or setup fees, no long-term commitments, and no credit checks! NuMedia comes with professional support, plus plug and play technology! Our goal is to provide as many consumers as possible with the ability to comfortably enjoy this fantastic service.
There is even a very generous Customer Rewards Program: Simply Refer 5 Subscribers and your NuMedia service can be FREE! Thank You!