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Why Choose 7UPTV

Our 7UPTV community is growing by thousands every single month and it’s hard to deny that people love our service.

But there’s much more to our success equation. Anyone can offer our service and get it for FREE!

No Contract

There is no long term contract or commitment with 7UPTV.  You can start today and stop at anytime.

Huge US & Intl Selections

You actually get hundreds of US channels including premium movie channels.  You also get hundreds of International channel options.

Global Media

7UPTV works in most countries around the world. All you need is a good internet connection.

Lowest Cost Media

You get thousands of channels and all the popular channels including Sports, News and Movie Channels for only $49.95 a month.



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Our Approach

Our business model is based on years of research spent uncovering the “pain points” many companies and individuals share. We then assist you with eliminating those obstacles to growth by employing strategic alliances in the ares of wellness programs, merchant processing, attracting new customers, increasing sales and profits, and Low/No Cost TV Entertainment Services.

My Story

My passion is leveraging the latest and greatest technology and making it simply work, to achieve the best possible outcomes  to meet the goals of individuals and business owners.

For me it’s not all about the money I  make, but the lives I vcan help to improve.

My passion for technology began over 50 years  ago when I won the Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley technology award for a prototype of the “Clapper” remote control, under the direction and inspiration of my HS electric Shop Teacher  Nathaniel Dickerson. Mr Dickerson was also the CEO of Solid State Research a pioneer in the use of transistor and solid state technology.

My dad was a part time  in home Radio and TV repairman when those devices all used vacuum tubes instead of transistors.  I was constantly asking  dad to bring me more electronic parts!

Later, as an IBM Customer Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Manager, and Manager, I managed the team that implemented the very first swipe at the pump credit/debit card purchase software to pay for gas at the pump.

I took an early retirement after 17 years at IBM to teach programming, and computer Systems Architecture at several colleges and universities, and world wide for Learning Tree International.

While teaching, I developed and implemented custom security and maintenance systems software for the nuclear power Plant Industry.

Dan is a certified Mortgage Assistance  professional who uses his technical skills to research and determine the very best possible ways for clients to get up non repayable Mortgage closing cost assistance  https://singleton.realestatemortgagegrants.com

7UPTV is an  excellent customer acquisition reward program that’s terrific for generating repeat customer business,  customer referrals and increasing your bottom line. It  affords you the ability to earn hundreds or thousands from your own efforts and residual income from  those other refer to the service.

Meet Dan The Man

My Philosophy

Stay Blessed And Continue to Be A Blessing!


Daniel Singleton

Founder & CEO

I used to play the flute in Gil Scott Herron’s Midnight Band at Lincoln University in the early 70’s. Gil gave mr my ‘DJ’ name at Lincoln’s radio station WLIU. “Dangerous, Darling, Dapper Dan!”

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